Acre’s Al-Jazzar Mosque

When traveling to Acre, for example with our one day self-guided tour combining culinary and historical highlights of the city, the Al-Jazzar mosque can already be seen from afar. With its bright green cupola and the minaret, it is the second biggest mosque in Israel, and the biggest Israelian mosque outside Jerusalem. The cupola, which once was silver, is the reason why sometimes, the mosque is still referred to as the White Mosque. It was built in the late 18th century and the rooms of prayer inside as well as the beautiful outside area can be visited.

Even though the mosque is not a part of our self-guided Acre-tour and costs 10NIS extra, we highly recommend stopping by the building and peeking into its rooms. Please be aware, that shoulders and knees must be covered. Additionally, women must cover their heads. At the moment (May 2022), the minaret of the mosque is under construction, which is why parts of the area cannot be entered. However, it will soon be reopened and is worth a visit in any case.

Pavilon inside the mosque's garden

The mosque's hallway

Al-Jazzar mosque from outside

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