After booking: How we are staying by your side

A quick guide to the israelrail app

On our tours we are always there for you. After booking, our IsraelRail app gives you access to many useful functions, so  with we can accompany you on your trip to Israel. Consistent support, interactive maps and lots of helpful information are just a few of them. So you will continue to be independent on your journey, while we are always available to answer any questions you may have. You can easily download the app from your App Store and this way you will always have your personal travel buddy with you – conveniently in your pocket.

In this article we will introduce you to our App in detail, so you know exactly what to expect!


In the Category My Trips on the Main Page you will find a list of the tours you have booked. All the important information such as your travel dates and the required maps are visible there.

24/7 Support

For any kind of questions or whenever you need help, we are there for you round the clock. To do this, click on the function Chat and choose between a call or support via Chat.

The Chat function also enables our Guides and staff to welcome you properly, with the additional option of sending you packing lists, itineraries or documents. You can stay in touch with our Tourguides all the time, so you can get specifics about the meetup times, locations or booking codes, that might be needed. Also you can let them know about any dietary restrictions and other preferences! You are free to choose your facourite way of communication: we offer SMS, E-Mail or of course you can answer In-App.

On Tour


In order to be well prepared, you will see the Itinerary for your trip, paired with all the useful information as well as some insider-tips. Thee interactive map shows where the journey will lead you and also where the nearest train and bus stations are – this way you are well-equipped and ready to fully experience the Holy Land!

Additionally to the content on our website, after booking you are able to get more information about your specifics about your Hotel for the night, such as attractions and sights nearby.
During the trip you can see in real time what other options might be interesting for you .This way we simplified many processes regarding organization, so you can adjust and customize it just perfectly to your needs!

enable location sharinG

The interactive map gives us the opportunity to see where you are in real time during the tours. So your arrival, as well as the entire tour can be coordinated in the best way possible. We can assist you this way with shuttle pickups, meeting points and arrivals.

Of course, you can choose in the privacy settings whether you are okay with this or not. Other travelers aren’t able to see you and your location is shared exclusively during the hours of the tour.

You can count on us! With our app you will get the support you need. Useful functions like a translator will make travelling through Israel leasy and smooth. By use of the IsraelRail App you will be accompanied by us on your journey through the “Holy Land”. This way you can make your way to the next station stress-free and fun while getting to know the most exciting corners of each city. Safe travels!

Also, if you’re still trying to find the perfect tour to get around the country, have a look at our IsraelRail-Tours!

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