Treasures in the Walls Museum / Akko

A delightful treasure in the heart of Old Akko’s walls

Akko’s “Treasures in the Walls” Museum is located inside the northeastern walls of Old Akko. Its aim is to preserve the city’s fascinating historical heritage and restore authentic sights from the past. The hundreds of items displayed in the museum enable its visitors to get acquainted with the traditional craftsmen who worked in the markets, the spectacular furniture of the city’s well-to-do and the fabric of life in a city that was a unique meeting place of art and religion.

Traditional Craftsmen

Beyond the museum’s permanent exhibitions, there are also rotating exhibitions once every three months. There is a menorah exhibition opening ahead of Hanukkah featuring dozens of menorahs dating back to the1930s and onward. The exhibition will show how the designs and techniques evolved in line with fashion and the spirit of the times. The magical blend of the original stone walls and the hundreds of objects on display generates a unique and special experience. Another pearl in the museum is the rounded inner courtyard where wall canons once stood. The garden now serves as a reception area where cultural evenings and private events.

Attraction for Adults and Children

The Museum is an attraction for adults and children alike. Reservations can be made for guided tours accompanied by an actor who brings the objects to life (in more ways than one) and involves the public in the museum experience.

Operating Hours: 10:00am – 17:00 PM
Address: Weizman 2, Akko

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