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What is IsraelRail?

With IsraelRail, Israel becomes accessible to everyone, from individual travelers, families and small groups alike. Touring Israel by rail is a unique and authentic way to connect with the locals.

What is the booking process with IsraelRail?

Find your trip, book easy and secure online. Exchange your voucher at one of our exchange points in Israel and receive your travel itinerary packet. Enjoy the journey!.

What are the benefits of using IsraelRail?

The IsraelRail card grants access to all of Israel through sustainable travel. An Easy and Fun way for the independent traveler to see Israel from a local perspective.

How long does it take to get to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv?

The NEW express train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is just 34 minutes!

What are the main train stations in Tel Aviv?

Savidor, HaShalom and Hahagana are the most used train stations in Tel Aviv.

Do IsraelRail packages come with an itinerary?

Yes, the IsraelRail card comes with a travel itinerary packet that includes detailed information about your booked tour as well as a map.

How do I contact IsraelRail Customer Service for more information?

For questions please send us an email at customer@israelrail.com or call / send Whatsapp to +972 50-487-0048 (from outside Israel) 050-487-0048 (from inside Israel)

Is the IsraelRail Rav-Kav card limited to certain hours of the day?

The IsraelRail Rav-Kav card is valid during the normal working hours of the train, light rail and buses. Please check operation hours for that day and location.

Can I claim a refund?

Any cancellation prior to 48 hours advance of travel date will incur a fee of $10 USD. Upon notice 0-48 hours advance of departure - the trip is non-refundable!