How to get from Tel Aviv to Acre (Ako)

Located right by the sea, Acre (Ako) offers plenty of museums, historical sights, a beautiful port and culinary as well as cultural experiences on the market. Travelling Akko by train is the most convenient way of travelling to the city, not only because it is fast and relatively cheap, but also because your ride will go all the way along the coast.

The trains start from Be’er Sheva and stop at all the main train stations in Tel Aviv in the following order: HaHagana, HaShalom, Savidor Center und Tel Aviv University, as well as Hertsliya. A ride from HaHagana to Acre takes approximately 2 hours.

When can I take the train?

The first trains between Sunday and Thursday already depart from HaHagana before 6am. The last train in the same direction departs approximately 9:30pm. The trains from Acre to Tel Aviv leave very early during the week before 5am and return late around 9:30pm.

Between those times, trains depart roughly every 15-30 minutes in each direction. The exact times are subject to change, which is why it’s best to check the times prior with Israel Railways. Additionally, we recommend the app “Moovit” to get around.

The prices for train tickets in Israel are quite low. One-way tickets as well as day passes are offered and there are discounts for students, senior citizens, people with disabilities and minors.

Extra information: When travelling to Acre from Jerusalem by train, you can get on the super-fast rapid train and switch trains in Tel Aviv. Here’s some information about travelling between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


Do you want to travel to Acre by train? Are you still looking for the best tour? Have a look at our IsraelRail Acre-Tours!

Turkish Bazaar Akko


FREQUENTLY ASKED: How can I travel to Akko by train on Schabbat and weekends?

Sabbat/Schabbat is the day of rest in the Jewish religion and it starts with the sunset each Friday evening. Afterwards, religious jewish people are not supposed to work anymore. Therefore, most of the shops close and trains stop running too. Here’s an overview on other travel options:

By bus

There’s one bus line connecting Tel Aviv Central Station and Acre Central Station (Ha’arba’a Road), which is Nr. 909. The busses are operated by Egged. For times and schedules, check out here.

Even though there’s a free bus service for the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv on Friday night, which can be tracked live on “Moovit”, the bus line between Acre and Tel Aviv doesn’t run on Shabbat and Saturdays. However, there’s another alternative…

With a shared taxi (Sherut)

So why not try travelling with a shared taxi? The Sheruts, as they are called in Israel, run during the week as well as on weekends. Usually, they cost a little more than busses and raise their prices during Schabbat. Alongside 10-12 other passengers, the yellow and white vans take you to your preferred destination, but without certain stops or routes. Thus, better don’t miss out on a chance once you see a Sherut. Yalla: Wave, get in and off you go!

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