Jerusalem Festival of Lights

The Jerusalem Festival of Lights takes place in the Old City Jerusalem. Visitors perceive the artwork of the festival by walking through illuminated trails in the Old City’s alleys, squares and its surroundings. Over the past 11 years, the International Festival of Light in Jerusalem has become an inspiring and exciting event that merges light art, sound, the Old City, its inhabitants and hundreds of thousands of visitors into a celebration of art and culture in this very unique place.

We invite you to walk along the illuminated trails and take part in this very special event that combines the enchanted atmosphere of the Old City with innovative and challenging installations.

Festival Paths

The festival has 3 illuminated routes – red, green and blue. Featuring large installations of artistic illumination, musicians and actors, in an experience of unique and magical light.

Jerusalem Festival 2020

Dates: June 24 – July 2, 2020
Hours: Starting from sundown until late into the evening

Multi-day Jerusalem Old and New Day Tours

We offer multi-day touring packages that include the Jerusalem Festival of Lights. Check out the 3-day tour here!

Jerusalem Festival of Lights

If you are coming to Jerusalem by express train, check out the morning time table from Tel-Aviv Hahagana Station. The ride is only 34 minutes!

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