The Akko (Acre) Market

Akko is an ancient port city in northern Israel, located on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The city on the northern edge of Haifa Bay, is surrounded by a fortification up to 150 meters wide and is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world.

For centuries, the city’s port was one of the most important ports for maritime trade between Asia and Europe. However, this changed with the advent of steamships in the 19th century. The port lost its strategic importance because the increasingly large ships could no longer dock in the port of Akko.

Bazaar Akko Israel

Akko Tasting Card

Today, however, the port city is one of the must-visits of a trip to Israel because of its history and monuments from the past. Due to its oriental old town, Akko is considered one of the most beautiful port cities in Israel.

The fact that goods from all over the world were once traded here can be easily understood by strolling through the market.

Market Akko Israel

To experience the diversity of culinary delights, we recommend the Akko Tasting Card, that is included e. g. in IsraelRail’s Akko daytrip.

The Market

With the Akko Tasting Card, the culinary journey can begin on the Market Street. It runs from north to south and is the main thoroughfare in the Old City.

During the Crusader period, this street ran from the Hospitaller Gate in the north through Market Street, or Via Regis, to the port area.

Today, the central market of the old town is located in this section. Numerous stalls here offer fresh fish, oriental sweets and an overwhelming selection of culinary delicacies. With the Akko Tasting Card, you can sample this offering at your leisure. In addition, perfumeries and original spice stores can be found on the market street.

Tasting Card Akko

Good to know:

  • Some of the tasting stations, require some preparation time. So bring enough time and patience.
  • The offerings at the market are varied and can change constantly.
  • The food at the tasting stations may contain gluten, nuts, sesame seeds or other ingredients. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned, we recommend not purchasing the tasting menu.

Some of the dishes are to-go.

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Bite Card Akko

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Market Akko Israel

The Akko (Acre) Market

Akko is an ancient port city in northern Israel, located on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The city...


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