When people think about Israel, one of the first things that comes to mind is how outdated and ancient the land is. What tourists and outsiders do not realize is how rich in arts and culture Israel has become; especially Tel Aviv.

Florentine, one of the Southern areas of Tel Aviv, is considered the second most hipster neighborhood in the world, behind Berlin. Tel Aviv is filled with art museums, galleries, street art, and was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site for the over 4,000 Bauhaus style buildings and apartments.

There are many types of museums and galleries in Tel Aviv, as well as different places to find art around the city. Here is a list of six different locations where you will find art by well known artists as well as more local and modern pieces:

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is home to a various collection of art including impressionist, contemporary, exclusive prints and drawings, and local Israeli art. The main campus has two buildings with permanent exhibits and changing exhibits alike.

It is typical to spend about 2-2.5 hours in this magnificent space to be able to absorb all of the wonderful pieces in it. The museum is located in Central Tel Aviv and is a great first stop to begin your artistic journey in Israel.

Address: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Sha’ul HaMelech Street, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-6077020

Nahum Gutman Museum

Nahum Gutman was a well known contemporary artist in the early 1900s in Israel. His museum opened in 1998, in the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. The pieces are all donated by Gutman’s family in hopes of perpetuating his legacy. Many of Gutman’s pieces are paintings of his wife and son, as well as drawings from the children’s books he wrote and illustrated.

This is a great stop for beginning to understand more of the local art scene of Israel.

Address: Nahum Gutman Museum, 21 Shim’on Rokach Street, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-5161970Center for

Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art is a nonprofit commision based institution that brings in local and international artists to showcase their experimental work. In this building, there are two exhibition spaces and an auditorium for video and experimental cinema.

The CCA was created to present time-based art in Israel. It is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, right around the corner from the Carmel shuk.

Address: CAA – Center for Contemporary Art, 2 Tsadok ha-Cohen Street, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-5106111

Art Space TLV

Art Space TLV is similar to the CCA in that it is a nonprofit organization that showcases local artists from the neighborhood of Kiryat HaMelacha. Kiryat HaMelacha is a very important neighborhood for aspiring artists in South Tel Aviv.

Art Space’s mission is to foster relationships between visitors and artists through art, which is why most times you will find the artists in the visitor center.

Address: Art Space TLV, 6 Shvil ha-Merets Street, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-6725124

Chelouche Gallery

The Chelouche Gallery is one of the most prominent art galleries in Israel, located in the historic “twin house”, a block away from Tel Aviv’s historical Town Hall (Beit Hair).

The gallery is home to both aspiring artists and established artists from Israel and abroad. The art on display ranges from photography, sculpture, media, painting and installation.

Address: Chelouche Gallery, 7 Maze Street, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-6200068

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

The final destination is not necessarily a museum or gallery, but still an interesting place to walk around and get a feel for the street art scene in Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and is 7 stories high.

Around every corner you will find different graffiti art, whether it is commentary on Israeli society or just abstract wall art.

Address: Central Bus Station, 108 Levinsky Street, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s art scene is constantly evolving and definitely worth checking out. We hope you enjoy your stay in Israel and continue to explore its magnificent art scene.

Words by: Leeat Elkayam

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