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EASY TO ACCESS BEACHES IN ISRAEL, That you will remember

As you look out of your train window while travelling along the beautiful Israeli coast, you might notice how close some of the train stations actually are to the sea. Oh, what a joy would it be to jump straight from the train into the bright blue water and cool off… Not exactly in that way, but pretty close to that we will make this daydream a reality for you: Allow us to introduce you to the 5 best beaches that you can reach in such a short time from the train station, it will definetly feel like you just hopped in there in a blink of an eye!

In less than 30 minutes you can enjoy the Israeli sun at one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. Whether relaxation or action; whether summer or winter: there are countless ways to make the most of your time in Israel! While in summer you can mainly see surfers and water sports enthusiasts enjoying the water, in the winter months you can join the many windsurfers and kitesurfers. Of course, you can also make yourself comfortable on one of the many loungers and relax. Have fun!

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Sidney Alley Beach

If you would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, we definetly recommend the Sidney Alley Beach, which is located north of Tel Aviv in Herzliya and invites you to linger with its more remote location and almost romantic atmosphere.

This Hidden Gem is appreciated by the local inhabitants for good reason! The beach is characterized by the caves located on the mountainside, which frame the powdery sand in a beautiful way. This little oasis is not only a popular place for fishermen – we are sure you will be able to find a place to sit back and relax as well.


Hof hacarmel and bat galim

“From the train directly into the sea” can be taken quite literally here! Haifa’s Dado Beach is located right next to the HofHaCarmel train station,which is less than a short, five-minute walk away. The same applies to the Bat Galim station, which is also located directly by the beach with the same name. The 5 km promenade underneath the Carmel Mountains is a real must-have on the Haifa bucket list!

In northern Haifa you are free to choose: Do you feel like relaxing? Then get off at Bat Galim and enjoy the family-friendly beach section, which is not too crowded – even in the summer months. If you continue walking along there, you will find wild and untouched nature, as well as natural pools that form in the water from the tides. All this provides a breathtaking atmospherefor beautiful sunsets.

If you want a little more action, you can head to the popular Carmel coast. Whether you want to enjoy the sight (and delicious local cuisine) of the bright blue Mediterranean from one of the many bustling cafes and restaurants or prefer a swim or surf – there is something for everyone. Children also get their money’s worth here: located directly on the shore is a small saltwater pool where the little one’s can enjoy themselves.

Tip: For a special kind of experience try the cable car in Haifa, which is located right near the Bat Galim station and enjoy a breathtaking view of Haifa Bay!

Haifa Bat Galim,


Further south in the country, the port city of Ashdod calls with its Mediterranean atmosphere and offers a wonderful holiday feeling. Light sand is accompanied by the deepest blue of the sea – making this a spectacular view, while the clear water is just inviting you to take a dive in it. But the best part: all of this can be reached in less than 30 minutes!

There are many bus lines that take you to the beach. Bus number 7 and א9 will take you from the station straight to your destination.
The promenade is adorned by the almost exclusively white surrounding architecture, which extends on the shore and can be admired while enjoying some delicious ice cream in one of the many Cafés. In general, the sea offers optimal conditions for all forms of water sports with the Ashdod Marine nearby. Also worth a visit is the well-maintained Ashdod Yam Park with attractions for people of any age. Visitors love the regularly organized activities, events and performances – why not joining them?!

Tip: The ancient Metzuda Beach with its well-preserved citadel is a Must-see not only for history lovers.



The question of Israel’s most beautiful beaches can be a heated topic for dicussion. But Netanya’s coast definetly enjoys it’s high popularity for good reason. Here the bathing fun is only half an hour’s bus ride away from the train station and is definitely worth it!

Netanya’s coastline is without question one of the most beautiful spots in Israel. Here you can walk on the fine, golden sand, while turquoise water rushes softly in the background. The promenade is a total of eleven kilometers long and lies under a 30-meter-high cliff. It is divided into different sections, which, as always in Israel, are partly monitored and easily accessible. Here it is difficult to decide on the best beach section – but the Poleg Beach is not without reason a real magnet for visitors from everywhere. And you can certainly relax there at sunset as well.


And last but not least, of course, the famous promenade in Tel Aviv should not be missed! The “Tayelet” is probably one of the centerpieces of the vibrant “city that never sleeps” and stretches along the more than 14 km long Mediterranean coast. Just like the big city itself, the beaches offer real pleasure and joy and more than enough opportunities to pass your time! You can board one of the many buses from any of the stations in Tel Aviv, which usually take you to your destination in no more than 15 minutes!

Tel Aviv’s coast consists of many beaches that offer something suitable for everyone! Whether parties, food or sports – it is guaranteed to not be boring. That’s probably why this is a real magnet for visitors who walk along the promenade, do all kinds of sports, jog or just enjoy the view of the beautiful sea. Cafés and Restaurants opened almost around the clock are next to bars, where you can end the day comfortably with a cocktail of your choice. Each of the 13 beaches is as unique and diverse as the country itself – so enjoy exploring!

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