Akko Old City Private Day Trip by Rail

From Tel Aviv

from1399 NIS


  • Private Guided Tour.
  • Take the IsraelRail train along the Mediterranean Coast.
  • Visit the most famous relic of the crusaders: the amazing Hospitaller Citadel!
  • Explore the Templars’ Tunnel.
  • See the art in the Okashi Museum.
  • Visit the Treasures in the Walls Museum.
  • Get a taste of local cuisine at the Old Akko Market.
  • Flexible times and programming!


  • This day tour includes train tickets, the Akko 5-Museums-Combiticket, a 3 hour private guided tour of the old city, and a Tasting Card for the Old Akko Market – a perfect day trip!
  • Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Tel Aviv and take you to a glorious past and a one-of-a-kind experience. The city’s fascinating historical heritage, a rare blend of East and West, authentic glimpses from the past, and unique mix of religious beliefs and remnants from different cultures, have all turned Akko into one of the most vital Ancient World cities. You will find the traces of diverse cultures, ranging from the Canaanites, to the Romans, the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Mamluks, the Turks and the British.
  • Akko has a lot to offer to any visitor. Check out our tour’s itinerary and our interactive map below to find out more:

What’s included



Roundtrip ticket Tel Aviv – Akko
Valid until the last train of the booked day.


Public Transportation

The IsraelRail card is valid for local buses and trains in Akko and Tel Aviv.


Private Guided Tour

A 3 hour private, guided tour through the Old City of Akko. 


Combined Ticket Old City of Akko

The ticket includes the Hospitaller Citadel, the Turkish Bath, the Templars Tunnel, the Okashi Museum and the Treasures in the Walls Museum. Some Museums provide a free audio guide.   

Old Akko Market Tasting Card

Taste four local snacks at the Old Akko Market. 

8-10 hours

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Bus #13, departing every 15 minutes takes you into the Old City in about 5-7 minutes and is free with your IsraelRail Card.

Alternatively, a taxi is about 20 NIS and if you are feeling up for it, the Old City of Akko is a 20-minute walk from the train station.


El-Jazzar Mosque opening hours change according to prayer times. The entrance fee is 10 NIS. It is Israel’s largest mosque outside of Jerusalem and the largest one among the mosques built in Israel during the Turkish period.

Meeting Point

Your accommodation in Tel Aviv

Dropoff Point

Your accommodation in Tel Aviv


Akko Old City Private
Meet your Akko Old City Private Tour Guide

Meet your guide at your accommodation in Tel Aviv.

Take the train to Akko Station

Ride like the train from Tel Aviv to Akko and enjoy the Mediterranean coastal view.

Akko Bus Stop 13
Take Bus #13 to Old City Akko

The bus departs every 15 minutes and is a short 5-7 minute ride to the Old City of Akko.

Visitor Center Akko
Arrive at the Akko Visitor Center

Together you walk to the visitor center and exchange your voucher for tickets to the local sights.

Akko Museum Signs
Visit the Museums at your own pace

We suggest the following order:

  1. Hospitaller Citadel (Knights’ Halls)
  2. Turkish Bath
  3. Time at the market
  4. Templar Tunnels
  5.  Okashi Museum
  6. Treasures in the Walls Museum

Visit these unique museum and decide for yourself how much time you want to spent in each one!

Food Tasting in the Old Akko Market

Stroll through the market and taste some authentic Akko snacks. Make sure to leave some time for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee!

Tel Aviv Allenby
Head back to Tel Aviv

Afterwards, you have the choice: Take the train back with your guide or extend your stay and ride to Tel Aviv later on your own. The train leaves Akko station to Tel Aviv approximately every 20 minutes, late into the evening.



The Tasting Card includes:

  • Hummus and falafel with pita and pickles or shawarma.
  • Coffee or mint tea or slushi or lemonade or fresh juice.
  • A pair of bruschetta with pickled salmon or a pair of oysters with parmesan or kubbeh or stuffed cabbage.
  • Knafe or 3 baklava.

The market offering in the old city is subject to constant change, the exact dishes cannot be guaranteed. The food is not kosher!

Train Station Security Checks

  • Entry to all train stations is subject to a personal baggage check.
  • Every station entrance is manned by security guards who operate by Israel Police guidelines and are committed to upholding your dignity and safety during the security check.
  • Please be aware that lines may develop at the security check stations during peak hours in the morning and afternoon/evening (6:00 am-9:00 am and 15:00-19:00), so you must arrive sometime before your train’s departure.

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