Haifa Bahá’í Gardens and Zoo Day Tour

from Tel Aviv

Per person$39


  • Take the train up the Mediterranean Coast
  • Ride on the shortest subway in the world, The Carmelit
  • Visit the Haifa Zoo and educational center
  • Join the group tour at the Bahá’í Gardens


Start your day at the Hahagana train station in Tel Aviv and receive your travel itinerary packet from our IsraelRail representative. From here you will ride like the locals from Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean Sea to Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel, and the largest in the north.

Start your morning with a trip to the Haifa Educational Zoo. This zoo is an ideal place for families when visiting Haifa. Originally built in 1949 as an education center for a neighboring school by Pinchas Cohen. Due to renovations in 2002, the zoo now hosts more than 100 species of wildlife including reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, and plant life. Built on a beautiful nature reserve on Mount Carmel, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, the zoo covers over 8 acres of land making it perfect for everyone, especially families with small children.

After all the fun at the zoo head over to join the 15:00 Bahá’í Gardens Walk-in Guided Tour, just a 10-minute walk.

The Panorama Tour descends through the Haifa Bahá’í Gardens from the crest of Mount Carmel to the level of the golden-domed Shrine of the Báb along paved paths and stairs. You will pass through both formal and informal parts of the gardens and enjoy magnificent views of the city, the Galilee Hills, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Your guide will tell you about the design and maintenance of the gardens, as well as their significance to Bahá’ís. You will learn about the history of this community, how they came to build their world center on Mount Carmel, and what activities are carried on in the buildings located in the gardens, including the shrine.

What’s included



Roundtrip ticket Tel Aviv – Haifa
Valid until the last train of the booked day


Local Transportation

Valid in Haifa
This IsraelRail card is valid for the local Haifa buses, train and Carmelit subway


Haifa Educational Zoo

Enjoy all there is to offer at the Haifa Educational Zoo, open from 9:00 – 18:00 daily. Located at Ha-Tishbi St 124, Haifa, Israel


Walk-in Guided Group Tour

Tour of the Bahá’í Gardens with a local guide

Travel Itinerary Packet

Itinerary and map of Haifa

10 hours


Use your IsraelRail card for all local transportation in Haifa, including the Carmelit subway!


We suggest leaving Tel-Aviv Hahagana train station at 9:00 AM, arriving in Haifa Educational Zoo around 10:30 AM. Visit the zoo and enjoy lunch before heading to the tour of the Bahá’í Gardens at 15:00 PM

Meeting Point

Take the train from the Hahagana train station to the Haifa Center HaShmona Train Station. From here walk 6 min to “Carmelit Paris Square” and take the subway to HaCarmel Center station.

Dropoff Point

The Haifa Bahá’í Gardens group tour lasts approximately 50 minutes and ends at the main entrance to the gardens on Hatzionut Avenue.


Tel Aviv Train Station
Start at the Tel-Aviv Hahagana Train Station

Meet a local representative of IsraelRail and collect your travel itinerary packet which includes your itinerary, the IsraelRail card and a map

Israel Train Station
Take the train to Haifa Center HaShmona Station

Ride like the locals from Tel-Aviv and enjoy the Mediterranean coastal view

Walk to the "Carmelit" subway and take it to HaCarmel Center station

From the Haifa Center HaShmona Train Station walk 6 min to “Carmelit Paris Square”. Then take the subway to “HaCarmel Center station” – about a 12-min ride. Exit the subway and the zoo in just a short 3 minute walk.

If you prefer, a taxi is only about a 20-min ride!

Haifa Zoo
Haifa Educational Zoo

Enjoy all there is to offer at the Haifa Educational Zoo, open from 9:00 – 18:00 daily. Located at Ha-Tishbi St 124, Haifa, Israel

Haifa Baha'i Gardens
Walk to the Bahá’í Gardens

A, easy 10-minute walk from the Haifa Zoo is the Bahá’í Gardens enterance. Join the guided tour of the Bahá’í Gardens located at 45 Yefe Nof Street at 15:00 PM

Haifa City Museum
Continue to Explore Haifa

If you still have energy and would like to continue, we recommend a stop in the German Colony. The German Colony was established in Haifa in 1868 by the German Templers. It was the first of several colonies established by the group in the Holy Land. Some of the old Templer homes have been restored in recent years. Buildings along Ben-Gurion Boulevard have been turned into cafés, boutiques, hotels, and restaurants, one of these houses is the Haifa City Museum. Today the colony has become the center of Haifa nightlife.

Tel Aviv Allenby
Heading back to Tel Aviv

The train leaves Haifa station to Tel Aviv approximately every 20 minutes, late into the evening



Entry to all train stations is subject to a personal baggage check.

Every station entrance is manned by security guards who operate in accordance with Israel Police guidelines and are committed to upholding your dignity and safety during the security check.

Please be aware that lines may develop at the security check stations during peak hours in the morning and afternoon/evening (6:00am-9:00am and 15:00-19:00), so it is important that you arrive sometime prior to your train’s departure.

PLEASE NOTE: This tour is not recommended for people with walking difficulties or health problems.

Cancellation Policy
Any cancellation prior to 48 hours of travel date will incur a fee of $10 USD for the refund procedure.
Upon notice 48 hours advance of departure – the trip is non-refundable!