Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv: City Break – 4 Days

from Ben Gurion Airport

from1400 NIS


  • Discover two different and unique cities!
  • Explore the old city of Jerusalem on the guided walking tour.
  • Guide yourself through the Holy City with our JerusalemRail digital guide.
  • Tel Aviv: Relax on the Beach and discover vibe, streetfood and nightlife.
  • Try local specialties on both city markets with our Tasting Cards!
  • Stay in modern Hostels.
  • Travel like a local, sustainable and at your own pace!


  • The tour includes the most important sights of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. By providing you with accommodation, train tickets and some organized activities our package minimizes your preparatory effort. It also leaves you with plenty of time to discover the cities on your own.
  • Try local snacks on the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem and on the Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv.
  • You decide how packed your schedule is: Add optional organized tours to your package, relax or venture out on your own.
  • With our JerusalemRail Digital Guide you have all the necessary information to discover the city on your own.
  • There is a number of must-do included activities on the tour. Check out the itinerary below to see the activities in each city!

What’s included



Train tickets for all rides by train from Tel Aviv – Jerusalem.


Public Transportation

The IsraelRail Rav Kav Card is valid for local buses in all both cities as well as the Light Rail in Jerusalem. Valid for the whole 4 days. 


Jerusalem Old City Guided Group Tour

4-hour Jerusalem Old City Guided Group Tour with a local licensed English-speaking guide

JerusalemRail Digital Guide

6 self guided tours, audio-guides, and inside tips included!

Travel Assistant

Assistance via online-chat, during office hours.

Tasting Card

Tasting Cards to try an array of local snacks on the Mahane Yehuda and Levinsky Market.


1 x Jerusalem at The Post Hostel                                                                2 x Tel Aviv at The Spot hostel

4 Days
Overnight in Hotel 3 Nights


If you would like to upgrade your room, not a problem! Ask us and we will check availability.


To make the most out of this 4-day tour we advise you to arrive early and leave late on your respective days of arrival and departure.

Meeting Point

Ben Gurion Airport

Dropoff Point

Ben Gurion Airport


Israeli Breakfast
Israeli Breakfast

Enjoy an authentic Israeli breakfast.

Beach Day!

Start the day on of Tel Avivs beaches!

Levinsky Market
Levinsky Market

Get lunch at the Levinksy Market. Our Tasting Card provides you with an array of local specialties that you can try. 

Optional: Graffiti Tour

Take part in a Graffiti Tour and get to know the stories behind Tel Avivs colorful artworks. 

The Spot Hostel
Overnight: The Spot

Rest for the night!

Israeli Breakfast
Israeli Breakfast

Enjoy an authentic Israeli breakfast.

Old Yafo-TelAviv
Walk through Tel Aviv

If you still have time, discover Tel Aviv on your own! We recommend exploring the Old Town of Jaffa. 

Ben Gurion Train Station

When it’s time, take the train back to the airport! 

Ben Gurion Train Station
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport

Arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport. 

Tel Aviv Train Station
Train to Tel Aviv

Take the train to Jerusalem. Drive approximately 15 minutes to the central station at at Yitzhak Navon.  

Jerusalem overnight
Check-in The Post

Take the light train for 12 minutes to XXX. Walk to Koresh Street 1 and check in at The Post Hostel.  

Overnight: Jerusalem

Rest for the night! 

Jerusalem Digital Guide

Time to discover Jerusalem on your own! Stroll through the old city with out Digital Guide and discover the city at your own pace. We recommend visiting Mt. of Olives and the Jerusalem by Night Tour!

Israel Museum Jerusalem
Optional: Museum

Visit either Yad Vashem or the Israel Museum. 

Israeli Breakfast
Israeli Breakfast

Enjoy an authentic Israeli breakfast. 

Jerusalem Old City Guide
Guided Group Tour

09:30 – 13:30 Guided tour of the old city.

Visit the wailing wall, the holy sepulcher, the muslim quarter and many other amazing historical sights!

Mahane Yehuda Market

Get lunch at the Mahane Yehuda Market. Try an array of local snacks with our Tasting Card. 

Tel Aviv Train Station
Train to Tel Aviv

Get your luggage from the Hostel and take the train form Yitzhak Navon towards Tel Aviv Hahagana Station.

Check in: The Spot

Take a bus towards The Spot Hostel located at HaTa’arucha St.3

Tel Aviv Night Out
Optional: Pub Crawl

Dive into Tel Avivs crazy nightlife scene! Our Pub Crawl is available on Thursday and Friday! 

The Spot Hostel
Overnight: The Spot

Rest for the night!



Day 1 or 2:
Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour with augmented reality elements
Tel Aviv: Pub Crawl


  • Entry to all train stations is subject to a personal baggage check.
  • Every station entrance is manned by security guards who operate by Israel Police guidelines and are committed to upholding your dignity and safety during the security check.
  • Please be aware that lines may develop at the security check stations during peak hours in the morning and afternoon/evening (6:00-9:00 and 15:00-19:00), so you must arrive a bit before your train’s departure.