Top 5 work-friendly café’s in Tel Aviv


Like in most of today’s modern world, working remotely from home became popularized in Israel in the recent years. But weather you are a student, a freelancer or just want to spice up your working routine – have you ever tried bringing your Laptop to one of Tel Aviv’s many Cafès? Keep in mind – they  don’t call Israel the Start-Up Nation for nothing! It’s pure heaven for those of you who want to get inspired by the creativity and innovation that surrounds the „city that never sleeps”. Besides being able to socialize and get some new ideas while sipping on some delicious coffee, you can be sure that there will be a fast Wifi connection as well as some quite space if needed. Being surrounded by in this work-friendly environment with so many people focusing on their laptops might make you feel like you just entered a very cozy office. All this while being independent and enjoying the laid back vibes of this vibrant meditteranean city!

In this article we will present you our Top 5 picks of the best Café’s and Hubs that are just perfect for getting some work done – and for enjoying some tasty israeli pastry in your break!

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We are starting our list with a special place right at the beach: Selina CoWork. It is not only a Hostel – it offers multiple floors with many options to sit and get work done as well as a bar to get your fix of coffee, some snacks or fresh israeli breakfast in the early hours. You have the amazing opportunity to work with a beautiful view of the beach right in front of you while enjoying the luxurious and spacious interior design! This spot being a hostel makes for a great international and open atmosphere, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaged in a conversation with some new found friends by the end of the day! And the best part: There is a beautiful rooftop accessible for everyone, which is a perfect viewpoint especially in the evening, when the you are able to truly see the skyline of Tel Aviv! So why not check out the breathtaking view over the white city after you finish?  

Nabi YunA

Nabi Yuna is located right at the entrance of Shuk Carmel and on the famous Allenby street, just a short 5 min walk from the Jerusalem Beach and easy to access by Bus. It is a magnet for freelancers and students to get some work done and captures the warm and open nature of the Israelis. People are sitting together and chatting outside, while you will see a lot of people working at their Laptops or reading. It feels like a huge community – that everyone can be a part of. The more rustic design is making this spot a one-of-a-kind place, that is worth a visit for sure! But be sure to come early to get a good spot – it can be very packed, especially on the weekend!

Tip: Besides coffee and snacks this Café is offering a special Shabbat dish called „Jachnun“ on Saturday, which is a traditional yemenite jewish pastry served with tomato and eggs.


This place is just designed for working or studying! Modern chic meets a great atmosphere and delicious snacks in the beautiful basement of the Link Hotel – located conveniently right next to the Train station HaShalom. In less than 5 minutes you can enjoy the clean and well maintained Hub with Computers available, as well as lots of space to sit at. Like mostly everything in Tel Aviv this location captures the young, vibrant and trendy atmosphere of this special city. But not only that: the convenient location is close to the fast rail connection to the airport, Jerusalem and Haifa!



The young and hip neighbourhood Florentin is home to so many interesting spots, that it’s hard to choose for sure! Judging by the amount of laptops seen there on the tables, the Cafelix seems to be the popular place to get your some work done – not without reason! Located in the middle of the infamous Levinsky market, you will get the most out of your trip in Tel Aviv, while also be able to be productive. Delicious coffee and pastries in a beautiful, small location with very chill, artsy vibes –  sounds perfect, doesn’t it? There is enough light and a fast Wifi Connection for your work or study session as well.

Tip: Try the Chocolate Cardamom bun – yum!


Come and sit with the locals at this hidden gem not far from the Tel Aviv Fashion Mall, and thus very close to the Train Station and the Sarona Market! This is a 24/7 neighborhood Café with a big menu and lots to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it a perfect option for business meetings or for a coffee break! Early birds will definetly enjoy a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, later it might get a bit crowded – but people say it is even worth the way during peak hours! It might be the delicious food with lots of vegan options or the stylish interior – whatever it is, we are sure you will enjoy your work session there as well.

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