booking terms & conditions


Access to the service

IsraelRail reserves the right to remove from its trains any person whose behavior is deemed to be (a) unacceptable or (b) likely to compromise their own safety or that of any other person.

Food and drink

Customers choosing to enjoy light snacks or drinks on the train are politely asked to make no mess and to take their litter with them.

Personal property

Please take great care of your personal items and belongings whilst on the train. IsraelRail will not be held responsible for the loss of any property.

Refund policy

Any cancellation prior to 48 hours of travel date will incur a fee of $10 USD for the refund procedure.
Upon notice 48 hours advance of departure – the trip is non-refundable!

Routes, stops, and timetables

IsraelRail reserves the right to vary routes, stopping places, and timetables where it is compelled to do so due to circumstances beyond its control, such as traffic congestion, road closures, protests, events, and similar disruptive occurrences.


IsraelRail cards

In circumstances where a delay of more than an hour has been caused by matters entirely within the control of the company, a refund not exceeding 50% of the ticket price may be issued. IsraelRail reserves the right to investigate fully any claims made under this refund policy.


Events, diversions, and disruptions

During the course of the year Israel hosts many exciting events, celebrations, and occasions, as well as protests, demonstrations, and unforeseen circumstances. While we do our very best to maintain our service for our customers, there may be times when our routes will have to be changed, stops will not be served, and trains may be delayed.