Haifa Day Trip by Train with Market tasting

from Tel Aviv

p.p.69 Euro


  • Self Guided Tour
  • Take the IsraelRail train along the Mediterranean Coast
  • Visit the Bahá’í Gardens
  • Stroll through the picturesque German Colony
  • Check out the local delicacies at Wadi Nisnas Market with our Tasting Card
  • Visit the beautiful Stella Maris monastery on Mount Carmel


  • You start the tour from one of the train stations in Tel Aviv. Start your trip as early as possible so that you have enough time exploring Haifa! We recommend you to be at the station around 8:00 A.M or latest at 9:00 A.M to catch the train to Haifa. For exact departure times, download the Moovit App to your mobile phone!
  • Start the tour by going up to the Bahá’í Gardens. You decide if you want to visit on your own, or take part in a guided tour. Make sure to reserve a guided tour on their website, if you want. After visiting the Gardens, walk down the path towards the German Colony, Haifas cultural and tourism center. When you get hungry, pick up your Tasting Card near Wadi Nisnas and try an array of local specialties at the Market. Take the bus to the top of Mt. Carmel where you visit Stella Maris Monastary, enjoy a beautiful view of Haifa from above and take the cable car down. Enjoy the sunset at the beach, before heading back home.

What’s included

Travel Pass

  • Fully charged Transportation Rav Kav Card for the day
  • All entrances to the sights
  • Old Akko Market Tasting Card 


  • Self-guided or guided tour Tour in the Bahá’í Gardens.

Travel Assistent

We don´t leave you hanging! Chat with us during your travels.

8-10 hours

N/A Eng N/A Eng Eng

Check out the website of the Bahai Gardens for further information: Click Here


Take a ride with the cable car and enjoy the beautiful view of Haifa from above. Note that the ride is not included in our tour price. And has to be paid on site.

Meeting Point

Tel Aviv Train Stations

Dropoff Point

Haifa Cable Car Station


Train Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport
Take the train to Haifa Center HaShmona Station

Take the train from Tel-Aviv to Haifa HaShmona Center Station and enjoy the Mediterranean coastal view. The ride is about 1:15 hours. 

Ride the Carmelit!

From the Haifa Center walk 6 min to Carmelit Paris Square. Then take the subway to HaCarmel Center station – about a 12-minute ride. Exit the subway and walk downhill to the Bahá’í Gardens.

Haifa Baha'i Gardens
Bahá’í Gardens Group Tour

For the guided tour meet at: Hatzionut Avenue 103. For a self-guided visit start at: Yefe Nov Street 45.

German Colony

Walk down towards the German Colony. Stroll through the picturesque area which is full of beautiful architecture and cute cafes. 

Wadi Nisnas Market

Discover the local cuisine at the Wadi Nisnas Market with our Tasting Card! Go to all the stores and taste the variety of authentic Israeli food, coffee, sweets, and treat yourself on a fresh juice. 

Bus in Akko
Take the bus

Take the bus to the top of Mt. Carmel. Get off  at the Edmond Fleg/Tchenikovsky Stop.

Stalla Maris Monastary

Visit the beautiful Stella Maris Monastary and enjoy the view of Haifa from the top of Mount Carmel. 

Optional: Ride the cable car!

Take the cable car down Mount Carmel and enjoy the view of the Haifa bay area. The ride is about 5 minutes and costs 25 NIS.  

IsraelRail Train
Take the train to Tel Aviv

Whenever you feel like it, take the train back to Tel Aviv.


Bahá’í Gardens

  • You can either walk up to the Gardens or take the bus. Keep in mind that if you walk, it is a 30 minute walk that takes you through a lot of stairs and can be especially challenging during the summer time!
  • The Tour of the Bahai Gardens is organized by the Bahai community and free. Check their website for further information on guided tours and self guided visits.
  • Since the garden is a Holy Place, wear modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees!

Our Tip

  • After visiting the Stella Maris Monastery on Mt. Carmel, we recommend you take the cable car. One ride down costs 25 NIS. However, you can also get a combi-ticket for 35 NIS, which will take you up and down the mountain. You can pay in cash or with credit card.
  • Haifa is very hilly and has a lot of stairs. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a lot of water and sunscreen with you! Due to the landscape we do not recommend the tour for people with walking difficulties or health problems.
  • Make sure you download the Moovit App for departure times!


  • Entry to all train stations is subject to a personal baggage check.
  • Every station entrance is manned by security guards who operate in accordance with Israel Police guidelines and are committed to upholding your dignity and safety during the security check.
  • Please be aware that lines may develop at the security check stations during peak hours in the morning and afternoon/evening (6:00am-9:00am and 15:00-19:00), so it is important that you arrive sometime prior to your train’s departure.