Israel is a melting pot of people from different cultures and backgrounds, bringing with them various flavors and traditions from elsewhere.

So, if you are tired of eating Israel’s abundant Mediterranean cuisine (all of the tasty hummus, falafal and shawarma), look no further than Tel Aviv for ethnic foods from around the world.

Taqueria (Mexican cuisine)

Starting from as far West as possible, Tel Aviv is bustling with Mexican cuisine. One of the most famous Mexican restaurants is Taqueria. Taqueria is inspired by Mexican street foods such as burritos, tacos and quesadillas. They use only the freshest ingredients and also make great margaritas for a fun night out.

Taqueria is located on Levontin 28, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-6005280

Ernesto (Italian cuisine)

If original Italian food is what you are craving, Ernesto’s is the best place in Tel Aviv to find it. Established in 1997, Ernesto’s is a romantic Italian getaway in the heart of Tel Aviv with its large patio and authentic Italian music.

Ernesto is located on Ben Yehuda St 90, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-5273395

Parakalo (Greek cuisine)

Because of their close proximity, it is not very hard to find Greek food in Tel Aviv. Parakalo is a cute Greek restaurant located on the boardwalk between Jaffa and Central Tel Aviv.

Besides its amazing Greek dining, Parakalo is a fun environment with great live music and it truly feels like you are sitting on the coast of a Greek island.

Parakalo is located on Nahum Goldman St 6, Tel Aviv / Tel. 052-4446225

Ma Pau (Indian cuisine)

After Israeli’s go to the army, it is very typical for them to travel through Southeast Asia afterwards. That being said, many of them miss those flavors and now they do not need to travel far to eat great Indian food. Ma Pau has authentic Indian cuisine located near Rothschild Street.

Ma Pau is located on Nachalat Binyamin St 59, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-7739797

Chop Chop (Wok street food)

Continuing on our food journey through AsiaChop Chop is the only noodle bar in Tel Aviv where you can customize your bowl with a variety of vegetables and different Asian inspired sauces. This is great quality wok street food right in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Chop Chop is located on Ibn Gabirol 20, Tel Aviv / Tel. 077-2040828

Moon Sushi (Japanese cuisine)

Finally, we venture to the most Eastern part of Asia; Japan. Israeli’s are sushi enthusiasts, so it only makes sense that there are various places to eat some great sushi and saki. But, nothing quite tops Moon Sushi. Located on one of Tel Aviv’s most bustling streets, Moon creates exotic rolls and flavorful meals with a very modern vibe.

Moon Sushi is located on Borgrashov St 58, Tel Aviv / Tel. 03-6291155

We hope you get to try some of these amazing and worldly restaurants and enjoy your stay in Israel!

Words by: Leeat Elkayam

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