How to dress in Israel?

This is how tourists dress appropriately in Israel

It is common sense that Israelis dress in an eclectic and practical way. Nevertheless, the dress code in Israel changes fundamentally depending on the city and the occasion. Therefore, as a tourist in Israel, you should put the following items of clothing on your bucket list.

  1. How to dress in Tel Aviv?
  2. How to dress in Jerusalem?
  3. What clothes should I wear in Masada, Ein Gedi and at the Dead Sea?
  4. Akko: How to dress in a mosque in Israel?
  5. How to dress in a synagogue in Israel?
  6. How to dress in trains and public transport in Israel?
  7. I donĀ“t have any suitable clothes with me! Where do Israelis buy clothing?

1. How to dress in tel aviv?

One thing in advance: Tel Aviv is not Paris. May it be because of the multiple beaches in Tel Aviv or simply because Tel Aviv is the most secular of the Israeli cities, in this city you dress mostly informal and casual. Many women go not only on the beach for belly and off-the-shoulder fashion. Although this may not apply to working life. Women do not go wrong in Tel Aviv with a nice summer dress and any other clothing that they have not dared to wear at home. But this is not a must, of course. In summer, make sure to wear airy clothes that cover your shoulders if you are at risk of sunburn and a sweater that you can put on when the air conditioning is freezing or the wind roars at the sea. In winter it gets cold in Israel, Israeli temperatures are roughly comparable to winter temperatures in Southern Europe. Your key takeaway: The city that never sleeps gives itself fashionably sexy, practical, and casual at the same time. In particular, travelers with a stopover in Tel Aviv should already consider this when packing their suitcases.

Must bring: Swimwear, informal and casual clothing, airy clothes, sweater

On the Tel Aviv beach people like to sunbathe in their skimpy swimwear


The western part of Jerusalem is mainly inhabited by Jews, while the eastern part of Jerusalem is inhabited by Muslims, both groups share the Old City, but not the dress code. Jerusalem is a religious city with many activities around religion, so it is hardly surprising that a special dress code must apply here. There are many ultra-Orthodox Jews on the streets of West Jerusalem. The men wear hats and black suits, and the women wear skirts and tights that cover their ankles. Their tops cover the neckline and the elbows, some of the married ultra-orthodox women wear even headgear. In the Muslim part of the city, long pants for men and veiled women are the norm. Only the tourists are usually recognized from afar by their shorts and short, tight-fitting dresses. For your comfort, as a man in Jerusalem, it is advisable to wear long pants. Women should go for a knee-covered skirt, as this protects them from unpleasant looks – even from women – but of course, this is not a must. The skirt, on the other hand, does not have to be black. At the Wailing Wall itself, many colorful patterns can be seen on the skirts of the women. The only important thing seems to be that the skirts and pants are not cut too tightly. Tourists are usually forgiven for fashionable escapades, however. Also note that Jerusalem has much cooler temperatures compared to Tel Aviv, especially at night. In Jerusalem, a sweater is – even in summer – a must-have in your luggage.

Must bring: Clothing that protects from the sun, skirt or pants that cover your knees, eventual shirt that covers your elbows, a sweater for fresh nights

In Jerusalem skirts are a fashion must-have for women

3. What clothes should I wear in Masada, Ein Gedi and at the Dead Sea?

If you take a look at the clothes of your fellow travelers on the tour to Masada, you will quickly realize that there is a very different understanding among tourists of how one should dress in the desert. Some come in beach wear, sandals, or sneakers, others in multi-functional and hiking outfits. Quite a few carry a hat, covering the shoulders, plenty of water, and lots of sunscreen. However, good shoes (at least sneakers) are indispensable for the snake trail up to Masada Fortress. Also, the oasis Ein Gedi can be explored better with sturdy shoes. However, if you take the cable car up to the fortress and only want to walk along the paved path of the oasis, you don’t have to worry about this so much. At the Dead Sea, the ground can sometimes be very hot and muddy. Consider that your bathing suits could get dirty from the black and healing mud. 

Must bring: Clothing that protects from the sun, swimwear that can get covered by mud, sweater in the early morning hours, sturdy shoes, eventual sun hat, sunscreen and a lot of water!

Tourists do not always dress apporpriate for the desert


Visiting a mosque in Israel is not very common. Akko is one of the few exceptions where this is possible. It’s essential to dress respectfully. Both men and women should avoid wearing revealing or tight-fitting clothing. Women, in particular, should cover their shoulders, arms, and legsLoose-fitting clothing is preferred. It is customary for both men and women to remove their shoes before entering a mosque. Women may also be required to cover their hair with a scarf or head covering. It’s a good idea to carry a scarf or shawl with you to cover your head if necessary.

Must bring: Loose-fitting clothing, scarf or shawl for women

Tourist can visit the mosque of Akko if they dress properly in loose-fitting clothing


When dressing up for a synagogue, choose clothing that is modest and conservative. Tourists should avoid revealing or overly tight clothing. Both men and women can not wear sleeveless tops, short skirts or shorts, and low-cut or tight-fitting clothing. In some synagogues, particularly orthodox or traditional ones, men are required to wear a kippah. Nonjewish tourists do not need the kippah, however. Generally speaking, dressing in business casual attire is appropriate for both men and women. Different synagogues may have specific customs or dress codes.

Must bring: long-sleeved business casual attire

How should I dress in a synagogue, is a freqeuntly asked question by tourists


Tourists often believe that the Israeli climate is sometimes warm, humid, and even very hot in summer. Of course, under this assumption, in the suitcase, they load only airy summer clothes. All this is true, would not there be: the air conditioners. Supermarkets, coffees, and also buses and trains are cooled down to minus degrees in Israel. Even if now and then the air conditioning of a bus fails, you should have a shirt or a sweater ready to put over you on the train. Otherwise, cold won’t be long in coming.

Must bring: Shirt or sweater

In Israeli trains and buses, the air conditioning runs at full speed in summer

7. I don’t have any suitable clothes with me! Where do Israelis buy their clothing items?

You may find youself in the situation where you have fortgotten one of these clothing items. In this case, you might find your perfect Israeli look at the Dizzengoff shopping center with its plenty of brands nearby the HaShalom train station. You also might like to stroll through the boutiques of Florentine to buy more unique clothing and souvenirs in one of the many pop-up stores in Tel Aviv. In case you forgot a scarf that covers your shoulders, you could visit one of the ten best markets in Israel.

Are you traveling to Israel and still have some space left for clothing items in the suitcase? Perfect!

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